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Monday, October 23, 2017

  Dear Christ the King School families: Lead in drinking water can be detrimental to the growing child in the day care or school environment. To protect Illinois children from possible exposure to lead in drinking water, Governor Bruce Rauner and the General Assembly of Illinois passed Public Act 99-0922 requiring schools and daycares to sample for lead contamination in water. This act requires the oldest school building, those built before January 1, 1987, to complete water testing by the end of 2017. Schools built between January 2, 1987 and January 1, 2000 must complete testing by the end of 2018. The Act requires that parents and guardians of students be notified of lead results greater than or equal to five parts per billion (ppb). We are notifying you of all test results.

 Christ the King Lutheran School met requirements by having samples taken for 10 fixtures.

 No lead detected in 9 fixtures Above 2 ppb (parts per billion), but below 5 ppb billion in 1 fixture.

The drinking fountain result is 2.04 ppb. We will be replacing the drinking fountain over the Christmas break. Until the drinking fountain is replaced, we will be flushing the drinking fountain for 10 minutes per day. We also provide bottled water from Ice Mountain for drinking and food preparation. We want to assure you that safe water use at our facility for the children is of utmost importance to us. We have also posted the results of the testing on the school website.

If you would like more information on lead testing and safety, please contact Dr. Patricia Braun, CLEF School Nurse consultant, at 630-595-9310 or visit the following website:


 If you have questions related to this letter, please contact me at the school office and I will be glad to answer any further questions.


 Mrs. Geri Brazeal
 Mrs. Geri Brazeal, principal,

Christ the King Lutheran School


Programs and Services:

We accept "Illinois Action for Children (Child Care)."

Christ the King is accredited by the Northern Illinois District of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod Certificate of Approval - State of Illinois.

Christ the King is recognized by the state of Illinois for 2 1/2 year olds through
8th grade.

Year-round Christian day school and childcare services for children 2 1/2 years old  through eighth grade. The regular school day is 9am to 3:30 pm. The extended program hours are 6:30 am to 6pm.

Summer Camp program (scroll down)!

Your child is unique-Your child is special to us.  Christ the King is providing your student with a personalized learning experience geared specifically to his or her needs. We are pleased to partner with Chicagoland Lutheran Educational Foundation to bring eSpark into our classrooms.  Each student in the eSpark program is assigned their own individual Ipad and uses it to participate in interactive literacy activities for sixty minutes daily.  Learning is aligned to your child’s personal goals, tied to the Common Core Standards.  Engaging and fun, eSpark leads to accelerated growth in literacy.  Come witness the daily academic growth of our students.

Christ the King assigns each student, including preschoolers, an Ipad for his or her use while in school.


Chicagoland Lutheran Educational Foundation (CLEF) is a sponsor of Christ the King School: http://www.goodnewsfund.org/

Small class sizes allowing for individualized attention

Academically sound education.

Spiritual nourishment and service activities.

With the generous support from Chicagoland Lutheran Educational Foundation Christ the King Lutheran School is able to send our 5th and 6th grade students to Walcamp.  Walcamp is an outdoor education facility that teaches our students about God through hands-on activities in His wonderful world of nature.  Through various activities our students develop skills and habits that strengthen them physically, mentally and spiritually.  The students leave Walcamp with a greater appreciation for the complexity of nature and a better understanding of our place in God’s world. 

Violin lessons.

Violins needed!

We are adding more students to our violin ensemble. We are in need of 5 regular full size violins and 5 half size violins.  If you have an instrument you would like to donate or if you would like to make a financial contribution to help us obtain more violins, please contact us. To see and hear examples of our student's performances, click on the audio/video tab.

Praise dance group and choir.

Cooking classes.

Dedicated computer lab with wireless access throughtout the school.

Before and after school care.

Breakfast and snack times.


Please send an email to CTK@ctkluthchicago.comcastbiz.net to request forms for the state of Illinois childcare program and/or Christ the King School. Our phone number is 773-536-1984.




Dates and fees for 2020 to be announced.

Day camp program for children ages 3 - 14, 8 am to 5 pm.

"Illinois Action for Children (Child Care)" accepted.

*  Arts and crafts.
*  Computer classes
*  Spanish
*  Violin lessons
*  Sports
*  Tutoring
*  Weekly field trips
*  Breakfast, lunch and snack

 Please call 773-536-1984 for more information or email CTK@ctkluthchicago.comcastbiz.net


Christ the King Kindergarten Supply List - 2016/2017   · 
       Medium/Large School Bag (no wheels) ·
       Velcro Gym Shoes - unless child can tie ·
       Paint Shirt – old shirt or purchased ·
       Blunt-nosed scissors ·
       Elmer’s School Glue – no glue sticks ·
       Pencil Box – no handles ·
       One Pocket Folder – pockets on bottom ·
       One spiral notebook ·
       8-10 Washable Markers – classic colors ·
       5 sharpened pencils ·
       One large eraser ·
       One large box of Kleenex ·
       Disinfectant Wipes – Bleach free ·
       One small blanket in a reusable bag


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